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In 2002, Maxi Pacific Corporation started its own operation of trading and marketing high quality fuels including coal. In addition, two company-owned commercial fuel stations, strategically situated in the city outskirts, opened its doors to valued consumers. From a lean but highly professional staff, it now serves over 200 customers that belong to the top corporations in the country. Moreover, in 2007, it opened its Lubricant Division, carrying our very own MAXILUBE brand, thereby making Maxi Pacific Corporation a one supplier ‰ÛÒ on solution provider to all our existing and prospective customers. MaxiPacific Corporation prides itself with quality flagship products, which are: lubricants, coal, automotive diesel oil, bunker fuel oil, special fuel oil, and kerosene among others. MaxiPacific Corporation deals with local and international sources and continuously developing and exploring uncompromised quality products, along with honing professionalism through it‰Ûªs a team of highly competent staff to bring a mission to light‰ÛÓto continue to be a leading provider of fuel and coal in the Philippines.

Our Vision is to be a world-class supplier of premium-quality petroleum products in the whole Asia Pacific Region.

Our Mission is too engaged responsibly in all our business efficiencies with the highest level of performance from a well ‰ÛÒ motivated staff. We believe in dignity, loyalty, fairness in our transactions with our valued customers.

Satisfied consumers are at the top priority of the corporation and it will continue to innovate, provide and develop excellent products and services to pursue this mission.

1. Eighteen (18) tank trucks for the Fuel Division(for both black and white fuel products)

2. Three (3) six-wheeler trucks for the Lubes Division

3. Two (2) four-wheeler trucks for the Lubes Division

4. One (1) wheel loader for the Coal Division

5. One (1) backhoe for the Coal Division

6. Five (5) 22-ton dump trucks for the Coal Division


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Only guests who have booked can leave a review.