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Every great dream begins with a dreamer. But in order for these dreams to come into fruition, one must be guided with a vision that will be instrumental in driving the company to do its best.

At PPC Group, the clarity of our vision is dictated by our our primary objective and that is to significantly contribute to the Automotive, Motorcycle & Transport sector of the Philippines in our own way,together with our mission which is to bring in the best product available to the market that embodies earth conscious traits and the least amount of carbon footprint.

A team of passionate professionals working in a performance-centric culture drives us and constantly shapes us to become more results driven. As such, we constantly challenge the rules of the game for we dislike predicting the future. Rather, we want to dictate the future and thereby introduce trend-setting products and services that will make us innovators in the industry.

In principle, we adhere to the thought of changing ourselves first before even trying to change the industry. We like to differentiate ourselves with our strong competitive advantage and clear value distinctions, thus fulfilling the fiscal responsibility to our valued stakeholders, our principals and trade partners who have continuously supplied us with invaluable top tier engineered products that is highly appreciated by our trade partners, delivering great values and ultimately, earning the consumer’s seal of approval.

Only guests who have booked can leave a review.

Only guests who have booked can leave a review.