Skin Magical Anti-Melasma Set


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Patchy brown skin discoloration on your face? It is a common skin problem called Melasma, usually occurring on women.

Worry no more because ANTI-MELASMA SET will surely solve your problem! 💁‍♀️

It has unnoticeable exfoliation that hides excessive shedding of dead skin cells. Removes undesirable dark pigments and skin blemishes. 💞


🦋MELASMA FADE SOAP – Soap with herbal extracts for reducing and diminishing dirt that cause acne and dark spots.

🦋MELASMA CREAM – Cream with active ingredients that effectively whiten dark spots and blemishes for a radiant and fresh skin.

🦋SUNBLOCK WITH COLLAGEN – Prevents sun’s harmful effect while minimizing age marks.

🦋MELASMA PEEL SOLUTION – Hydroalcoholic solution that effectively whiten dark spots and blemishes for a more radiant and fresh skin.

🦋MELASMA TONER WITH MOISTURIZER – Hydroalcoholic solution that effectively whitens, rejuvenates, and moisturizes skin.

Restore your beautiful skin girl!

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